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May 18, 2022

The Secular Foxhole's First Blog Post

Hello Everyone interested in Individual freedom. Individualism, for short. A term that has been slandered in our own universities for over 60 years. Your witnessing the chaos all around you by that term's betrayal. 

Both my co-host and I are dedicated to the separation of church and state, but also, the separation of education and state, along with economics and state. In other words, learning to think for yourself vs. indoctrination.

This does not however, make us anarchists, which I consider childish, therefore dangerous, as more and more people get swept up in its thrall. 

We have almost 50 episodes, and counting,  of various intellectuals stating their case for freedom. With many more to come.

Both my co-host and I have dedicated our lives to studying Ayn Rand's philosophy, known as Objectivism. We Will Not Apologize For That, as it is frankly, the only way out of the epistemological chaos we are drowning in today.

I have lined up some great interviews in the coming months. Please enjoy them at your leisure. Post a comment or two and if you believe in trading value for value, please consider donating to our show so we can continue to provide cogent intellectual 'fuel' to those who won't surrender America, or the world, to the mindless horde now surrounding us.